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Nitecore HA11 Lightweight LED Headlamp - 240 Lumens - Includes 1 x AA

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • Ultra-lightweight design is perfect for ultralight backpackers, rock climbing, and more
  • Easy battery replacement, compatible with several types of AA
  • Headband is reflective and glow in the dark for easy location ability
  • Clip allows for a wide variety of attachment options

Nitecore HA11 Lightweight LED Headlamp

Ultralight Design

A headlamp so light you'll hardly notice it's there! Nitecore's HA11 Lightweight LED Headlamp weighs in at only 1.27oz - for those of you counting, that's lighter than an egg! The HA11 is perfect for campers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This highly portable, long-lasting light will put out up to 240 lumens so you can hike at night or set up camp after dark. With the addition of a red LED, you'll be able to see without ruining your or others' night vision.

One AA is All You Need

Powering the HA11 headlamp is simple - one AA battery. Nitecore has designed this light to be compatible with a range of chemistries so that you can customize your power source. Use primary alkaline, rechargeable NI-MH, or primary lithium. This simple design makes the HA11 easy to power on-the-go or on long trips!

Clip or Strap

The HA11 has two attachment options: wear it as a headlamp or use the multipurpose clip. Having hands-free illumination is extremely useful whether you're out in the backcountry, on a run in the neighborhood, or doing yard work. Clip the HA11 to your backpack, hat brim, tent, and more to enjoy a fixed light source. Or strap on the HA11 to your head with the comfortable, minimalist headband. You'll enjoy the reflective and glow-in-the-dark headband should you place your light down and need to easily locate it again. The HA11 is designed with details every adventurer can appreciate!

High Low Ultra-Low SOS Beacon Red Constant-On Red Slow Flashing
Brightness 240lumens 60lumens 6lumens 240lumens 240lumens 5lumens 5lumens
Runtime 4hours 10hours 40hours - - 10hours -
Distance 90meters 45meters 10meters - - 10meters -
Intensity 1,600candela 460candela 30candela - - 15candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Use multipurpose clip or headband for versatile fixture options
  • » Powered by one AA battery, allowing for simple, straightforward replacement of powersource
  • » Accepts alkaline, Ni-MH, and lithium chemistries
  • » 90º of rotation lets you direct beam where you need to see
  • » Extremely lightweight design allows for high portability
  • » Headband is reflective and glows in the dark so you can easily locate it at any time of night
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