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NOCO GBX45 Boost X 12V 1250A Jump Starter

Item #: NOCO-GBX45
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-GBX45
Brand: NOCO
  • Powers with 1,250 amps to jump-start select cars, trucks, or marine vessels
  • Improved UltraSafe technology protects jump starting and power management
  • 60W USB-C recharging fully powers in just 48 minutes, offers power bank operation
  • 6 flashlight modes including strobe and SOS - signal for assistance on the road

NOCO GBX45 Boost X 12V 1250A Jump Starter

Lithium Jump Starter - Expanded Safety Technology

The NOCO GBX45 is a jump starter with powerful engine jolting and improved safety protection features. When jumping your engine with the GBX45 you are supported with portable lithium energy that powers with a total of 1,250 amps. This jump starter provides energy for gasoline for up to 6.5 liters and diesel engines for up to 4 liters to power SUVs, vans, trucks, and boats.

NOCO has only improved Ultrasafe li-ion power technology with this jump starter. Both spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection are included for added safety when charging or jump-starting. Enhanced thermal efficiency and power management greatly protect the internal battery and boost overall performance. All of these internal protections combine for a jump starter that has your back on any road trip, giving you peace of mind.

Lightning-Fast USB-C

60 Watts are available to rapidly recharge the GBX45 or discharge power to other devices. Thanks to USB-C technology it can be fully recharged in just 48 minutes and is able to jump-start after just 5 minutes of charge from a dead battery. If you're stuck without a power source, simply use this as a power bank to charge up your phone.

Shines Bright in Any Emergency

The GBX45 comes equipped with 6 brightness modes, assisting with late-night car maintenance. It reaches a max of 100 lumens so you can use the jump starter to check under the hood or replace a tire. With 3 distinct emergency modes, flag down roadside assistance and alert others of your location.

  • Notable Features
  • » User interface includes indicators for temperature, reverse polarity, and battery levels
  • » Has a wide temperature range, for operation in any environment
  • » Has an IP65 rating, for jump-starting in harsh rainstorms
  • » Power 6.5-liter gas engines and 4-liter diesel engines on select cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles
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