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NOCO NLP9 Group 9 12V 3Ah Lithium Powersports Battery

Item #: NOCO-NLP9
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-NLP9
Brand: NOCO
  • At a minimal 2.29 lbs, the NLP9 won't slow you down with excess weight
  • IP66 weather rating protects against dirt, dust, water including driving rain and snow
  • Maintenance-free, without the buildup of power siphoning acid sulfates and stratification
  • State-of-the-art LFP battery with convenient size spacers for increased compatibility


Group 9 12.8V/400A Lithium Powersport Battery

The NOCO NLP9 is a premium 12V powersport battery in the group 9 battery size category! It is compatible with over a dozen brands and features brilliant, long-lasting power engineering including lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. The NLP9 has a 400-amp capacity to provide steady energy that lasts a long time and requires few recharge breaks. What's more, the NLP9 battery benefits from a service life lasting 50,000 starts and 2,000 charge cycles.

Outperforms Lead-Acid Batteries Across the Board

Replace the pre-installed lead-acid battery in your powersport vehicle with maintenance-free lithium performance that is totally charged and ready for instant installation. By making this replacement, you will avoid all the hassle of an SLA power supply, as the li-ion NLP9 presents no sulfation, acid, maintenance, or water needed.

Truly worthy of the "powersport" label, the NLP9 absorbs shocks and vibrations with gusto, has an IP66 weather rating, and works under a wide temperature range. Operating anywhere between -4° and 140° F, the battery can take applications in extreme cold or heat while remaining fully functional. Additionally, a thermal sensor reads ambient temperature and adjusts its performance to provide a power supply neither undercharged in the cold nor overcharged in the heat. One of the most important features are the universal adaptive screw connectors which securely connect both eyelet and clamp charge connectors. This provides the most convenient possible battery terminal format.

  • Notable Features
  • » Superior replacement for SLA batteries pre-installed in over a dozen premium powersport brands
  • » Compared to the common lead-acid powersport battery, the NLP9 has twice as much power, five times longer service life, and ten times as many starts
  • » Amazing recharge times paired with NOCO brand Genius series charger-repair units, from 3 hours with the GENIUS1 to just 36 minutes with the GENIUS5 (and less with the GENIUS10)
  • » Nobel-winning lithium-ion power chemistry achieves lightning-fast recharging for about 2,000 cycles
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