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NOCO GENIUS5 5A Battery Charger

Brand: NOCO
Brand: NOCO
  • 5-amps of current delivers fast and full charge to a wide range of batteries
  • Set it and forget it with intuitive over-charge protection
  • 5 charging modes make it compatible with a wide range of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Force Mode allows you to charge batteries with less than 1-volt of charge

NOCO Genius 5 5A Battery Charger

Versatile Charging Modes - Do More with Your Charger

The NOCO Genius5 is designed to be the ultimate versatile charger. Compatible with 6-volt and 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries and a wealth of different chemistries, you'll be able to charge all of your equipment. Use on 6-volt or 12-volt SLA flooded, gel, AGM, deep cycle, or lithium-ion batteries. Perfect for cars, boats, golf carts, RVs, lawn equipment and more!

Achieve a full charge faster than ever - on average, it can fully charge a 40Ah lawn mower battery in just 6 hours, or a full-size 80Ah car battery in 12 hours.

Extensive Diagnostic Features

Get to the root of the problem using the Genius5's extensive diagnostic features. LEDs on the main body will show you the charge of the battery, if reverse polarity is detected, if the battery needs professional servicing, or if the battery has too high of a voltage for the chosen charge mode.

Additionally, this charger detects if a battery is sulfated and can intuitively repair it automatically so you can get more life out of it! This feature requires no user intervention - it's fully automatic. Now, you can do more with your charger without needing any complicated technical knowledge!

  • Notable Features
  • » 5 charging modes + Force Mode so you can charge batteries even if they're below 1V
  • » Versatile compatibility with multiple SLA battery chemistries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and lithium-ion batteries
  • » Internal temperature sensor monitors and adjusts charging to avoid over- and under-charging, maintaining your battery's health
  • » Can automatically detect sulfation or acid stratification and perform repairs to regenerate your battery
  • » Clamps fit a wide range of batter terminals and are detachable, giving you the option to use the eyelets to connect directly to the battery
  • » Extensive safety features like reverse polarity detection and spark-proof technology keep you safe while using
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