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NOCO GENPRO10X3 3-Bank 30A Onboard Battery Charger

Brand: NOCO
Brand: NOCO
  • Compatible with lead-acid and BMS-enabled lithium-ion batteries
  • 3 x 10A banks command multiple vehicle batteries at once
  • 3-in-1 power supply hub charges, repairs, and maintains paired power supplies
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States


Triple Bay 30A On-Board Battery Charger

The NOCO GENPRO10X3 is an onboard battery charger delivering 30 amps of current via 10A banks! It is capable of providing charging, repair, and maintenance to multiple SLA and li-ion batteries at once, giving you a one-stop shop to take care of your vehicle battery.

Capable of braving extreme conditions with an integrated thermal sensor and IP68 weather protection, the GENPRO10X3 has a wide range of modes to perform its versatile duties. Simply charge power supplies or perform advanced diagnostics and repair by reversing the battery acid effects of sulfation and stratification.

  • Notable Features
  • » Integrated thermal sensor monitors operating and ambient temperatures, making alterations to power performance to provide accurate charging despite the climate
  • » Automatically detects voltage of connected batteries down to 1.0V, and can resuscitate entirely dead batteries with 0 volts remaining
  • » Seaworthy IP68 weather rating saves the GENPRO10X3 from damage due to ice, water, dust, sand, and other contaminants/elements
  • » Multi-purpose modes provide for 12V SLA, 12V AGM, and 12V BMS Lithium-Ion batteries, can repair compatible batteries, and force-charge batteries below 1V
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