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Olight I3T 2 EOS LED Flashlight - 200 Lumens - Includes 1 x AAA - Black, Dragon and Phoenix, or Sweet Pink

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Dual outputs make operation fast and simple
  • Dual fuel capability enables use with an alkaline AAA or a 10440 battery
  • Double-helix knurling enhances heat dissipation from the light for optimal functioning
  • Two-way pocket clip can be used to enable hands-free light by attaching to hat brim

Olight I3T 2 EOS

Double Outputs

The Olight I3T 2 is all about doubling it up! This compact EDC light fits in the palm of the hand but supports two output modes so you can adapt to different tasks and environments. Access up to 300 lumens at the drop of a hat or deploy the 5-lumen second mode for runtimes over 20 hours in length.

Two Fuel Sources

The I3T 2 is also a dual fuel light that provides double the power options, able to accept either a lithium-ion 10440 or alkaline AAA cell. This leaves you with the option to recharge or replace the battery as you see fit!

Double Helix

You might wonder how the I3T 2 handles runtimes up to 22.5 hours, and that's in part thanks to the unique double-helix knurling on the flashlight body. This design element enhances heat dissipation and keeps the light from exceeding temperatures of 45°C.

Twice the Carrying Options

The I3T 2 also has a two-way pocket clip. This enables deep pocket carry of this slim EDC powerhouse in addition to the ability to use it as a hands-free light. Just attach it to any hat brim to adapt the I3T 2 into a headlamp!

Mode 1 Mode 2
Brightness 300 ⥊150lumens 5lumens
Runtime 7 ⥊38minutes 22.5hours
Distance 80meters 10meters
Intensity 1592candela 29candela
Mode 1 Mode 2
Brightness 200 ⥊100lumens 5lumens
Runtime 7 ⥊28minutes 21hours
Distance 62meters 10meters
Intensity 963candela 29candela
  • Notable Features
  • » PMMA lens makes 80-meter throw possible for long distance lighting requirements
  • » 31% longer runtime than the I3T, running at cooler temperatures
  • » 300-lumen maximum output made possible by a li-ion 10440 battery
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