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Olight iTHX Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight - 180 Lumens - Uses Built-in 130mAh Li-ion Battery Pack - Pumpkin Orange or Orange Feathers

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • 180-lumen output great for completing everyday tasks
  • Compact, whisper-weight light makes an excellent key set addition
  • USB-C port for simple recharging makes it easy to stay powered
  • Olight's way of thanking their fans for years of partnership

Olight iTHX

Simple Keychain Light, Elegantly Designed

The Olight iTHX is so-named because it is Olight's "Thank You" to the community for its continued support. A compact EDC flashlight fitting in the palm of your hand, the iTHX is equipped with 180 lumens of illumination power to see you through everyday scenarios like walking the dog and more! Simply activate the light with a twist to output, creating top-notch visibility to get you through the task at hand. You'll also have access to a 5-lumen low output mode with 12 hours of runtime.

The iTHX features an elevated design that stands out from other keychain lights. You will marvel at the orange feathers edition's beautiful engraving or the notched knurling and pleasant color of the pumpkin orange model.

USB-C Recharging with Status Indicator

The iTHX also has an integrated USB-C port that enables fast, easy charging capability. This USB-C port is recessed to protect the light from water exposure, giving the light an IPX8 weather rating shielding it from rain and more. Next to the USB-C port is an LED battery indicator which tells you the remaining power. This makes it easy to keep track of recharging needs so you never get left in the dark!

High Low
Brightness 180lumens 5lumens
Runtime 23minutes 12hours
Distance 48meters 10meters
Intensity 580candela 25candela
  • Notable Features
  • » Recessed battery level indicator helps you stay apprised of remaining power without distracting you from the task at hand
  • » Simple twist activation makes this light universally easy to operate
  • » Lightweight and portable, the iTHX won't weigh down key sets or get in the way
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