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Olight Obulb Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern - 300 Lumens - Uses Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack - Black, Orange, or White

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • High performance white and RGB LEDs provide multicolor light modes
  • Remote control via Bluetooth connection to smart device app
  • Magnetic base allows Obulb to be easily mounted and charged
  • High-capacity built-in battery offers runtimes up to 49 hours

Olight Obulb Plus

Centralized App Control

With the Olight Hub app, you will gain unprecedented control over your Olight Obulb Plus. Set the brightness, color, and output mode while keeping tabs on the remaining power with a simple readout on your smart device. The app also grants users the ability to more easily engage with their Obulb Plus to play mini-games like whack-a-mole or set the light to a rhythm.

Larger Size

The larger size of the Obulb Plus means that it shines brighter and farther than the Obulb Pro S. With a maximum output of 300 lumens casting up to 10 meters away, the Obulb Plus should be more than enough to satisfy the lighting needs of most living spaces. Additionally, the larger size and superior performance will serve users well outdoors, lighting the night on camping trips and more!

High Low
Brightness 300 ⥊180 ⥊40lumens 0.8lumens
Runtime 20 +80 +50minutes 49hours
Distance 10meters 2meters
Intensity 25candela 1candela
Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4 Mode 5 Mode 6
Brightness 20 ⥊5lumens 65 ⥊40 ⥊10lumens 80 ⥊45 ⥊15lumens 0.5lumens 75 ⥊60 ⥊20lumens 55 ⥊25 ⥊8lumens
Runtime 260 +100minutes 40 +125 +115minutes 40 +120 +120minutes 47hours 25 +115 +100minutes 35 +130 +45minutes
  • Notable Features
  • » White and RGB LED light sources have an output range between 0.5 and 300 lumens, giving one source of widely variable lighting
  • » Larger size than Obulb Pro S shines 25% brighter and 11% further
  • » Stepless dimming touch switch provides manual control over the many functions of the Obulb Plus
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