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Olight Warrior Mini 3 Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1750 Lumens - Includes 1 x 18650 - Black, Forest Gradient, Midnight Horizon, or Desert Tan

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Maximum of 1,750 lumens in a compact EDC light
  • Proximity sensor automatically lowers the output if it detects a physical obstruction
  • Over 700 feet of throw on Turbo setting
  • Extensive runtime of up to 100 days on moonlight mode

Olight Warrior Mini 3

Feature-Packed EDC

Looking for a light where durability meets convenience? Olight's Warrior Mini 3 brings tough, long-lasting features to an EDC light with simple controls. You'll be able to access up to 1,750 lumens across more than 700 feet using the side OR tail switch! That's right, you can configure your Warrior Mini 3 to be controlled by either switch based on your needs.

The Warrior Mini 3 is easy to keep on hand thanks to its compact size, pocket clip, and magnetic tail. And it's built with features to encourage longevity and performance, most notably a rechargeable 3500mAh battery that can power your light for up to 100 days. The Warrior Mini 3 is built to be your constant companion on camping trips, long walks, extended work days, emergency preparedness kits, or wherever you find yourself.

Proximity Sensor

The Warrior Mini 3 has a Proximity Sensor that will keep you and your light safe if accidental activation occurs. If an obstruction like the inside of a pocket or a wall is detected, the Warrior Mini 3 will automatically downshift its brightness level. But if you need high-powered illumination up close, you can override this feature in moments. Enjoy peace of mind when storing or transporting your light, so you can take the Warrior Mini 3 with you everywhere you go!

Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4 Mode 5
Brightness 1750⥊ 500⥊ 200lumens 500⥊ 200lumens 120lumens 15lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 2+ 210+ 30minutes 215+ 30minutes 18hours 165hours 100days
Distance 240meters 125meters 60meters 20meters -
Intensity 14,400candela 3,952candela 925candela 100candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » LED indicator alerts you to remaining battery life
  • » Recharging is simple thanks to magnetic charging cable
  • » Moonlight mode allows for up to 100 days of runtime
  • » Magnetic base allows for hands-free lighting on compatible surfaces
  • » Two-way pocket clip makes it easy to store this compact EDC
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