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PowerOne Size 13 28mAh 1.2V NiMh Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries - 2 Pack Retail Card

Brand: PowerOne
Brand: PowerOne
  • Features 1.2 Voltage
  • 28mAh capacity for incredible long term value
  • Can be used with most size 13 battery compatible hearing aids
  • Recharge via the PowerOne Pocket Charger

PowerOne Size 13 AccuPlus NiMH Hearing Aid Batteries

2 Pack of Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries

Your hearing aids should always be running in top shape, meaning they will need the best batteries to fuel them; you'll want to use the PowerOne Size 13 NiMH Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries. This battery balances efficiency, convenience, and quality. This battery is compatible with any hearing aid devices that can use a size 13 rechargeable NiMH battery, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your life. With its patented cathode technology, PowerOne AccuPlus Size 13 Batteries can vastly improve the sound quality of any hearing aid as well.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries - Use Again and Again!

Thanks to its Nickle-Metal Hydride chemistry, these PowerOne Size 13 Batteries can be recharged again and again. With a capacity of 28mAh, recharging this battery gives you usage equivalent to 57 conventional zinc air batteries, drastically cutting down on costs to maintenance. Be sure to pick up the PowerOne Charger For AccuPlus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries to charge these cells!

DISCLAIMER: Although these batteries are technically compatible with any hearing aids that can use size 13 rechargeable hearing aid batteries, they aren't perfectly suited for every hearing aid due to high energy consumption. They are also not compatible with any Oticon hearing aids, ZPower chargers, or any hearing aids that use built-in batteries.
  • Notable Features
  • » Comes with two rechargeable size 13 hearing aid batteries
  • » Compatible with hearing aids which use size 13 NiMH rechargeable battery within a reasonable power consumption range
  • » Full charge capacity of 11mAh cuts down on costs for maintaining your hearing aids
  • » Incredible 1.2 voltage for hearing aid batteries
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