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Power-Sonic AGM Deep Cycle PDC-12400 40Ah 12V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - T6/B Terminal

Item #: POWERSONIC-PDC-12400-B-T6
Brand: Power-Sonic
Item #: POWERSONIC-PDC-12400-B-T6
Brand: Power-Sonic

Power-Sonic PDC-12400 AGM Deep Cycle SLA Battery 12-Volt 40-AH B (T6) Terminal

Power-Sonic's PDC Deep Cycle Series has shown how safe and effective lead acid batteries can be, the PDC-12400 included. Like its PDC series relatives, the PDC-12400 comes standard with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, which allows energy to be evenly circulated and retained throughout the battery, allowing for optimal storage. The battery's energy density is unrivaled among its competitors, able to store and astounding 1.35Wh per cubic inch, and its oversize negative plates and specialized paste formulation allow for true deep cycle performance.

The PDC-12400 is not only a powerful power source, but a safe one, having earned D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A., and C.A.B. certifications. The battery's design is completely spill-proof and valve-regulated, making it safe to operate in any position, and is enclosed in a rugged, impact resistant ABS Plastic case and cover, so it is always safe to transport and operate.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology provides superior performance
  • Valve regulated, spill-proof for safe use in any position
  • Remarkably tough, impact resistant ABS Plastic case and cover
  • Oversize negative plates and specialized paste formulation provide true deep cycle performance
  • Impressive energy density
  • Dimensions: 7.76" x 6.50" x 6.69"
  • Approximate Weight: 32.0 lbs.
  • Terminal Type: T6
  • Internal Resistance: 9.0 milliohms
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.0V
  • Nominal Capacity:
    • 20 Hours (2.00A to 10.5V): 40.0 AH
    • 10 Hours (3.80A to 10.5V): 38.0 AH
    • 8 Hours (4.65A to 10.5V): 37.2 AH
    • 5 Hours (6.67A to 10.2V): 33.3 AH
    • 1 Hour (24.5A to 9.00V): 24.5 AH
    • 15 Minutes (75.0A to 9.00V): 18.7 AH
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