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Power-Sonic PSL-SC-121000-G27 100AH 12.8V Group 27 Rechargeable Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery - M8 Terminals

Item #: POWERSONIC-PSL-SC-121000-G27-M8
Brand: Power-Sonic
Item #: POWERSONIC-PSL-SC-121000-G27-M8
Brand: Power-Sonic
  • LiFePO4 chemistry offers a long-lasting, lightweight choice
  • Battery Management System has a number of protections to optimize battery life and performance
  • Deep-Cycle design allows for use in parallel for large-scale, demanding applications
  • 12.8 Volts and 100,000mAh capacity - constant, reliable power for industry or utilities infrastructure

Power-Sonic PSL-SC-121000-G27 LiFePO4 Battery

Lithium-Based Chemistry - A Step Above

The Power-Sonic PSL-SC 121000 G27 Battery replaces traditional lead acid functionality with a faster, safe, and lithium-based design. The lithium iron phosphate chemistry provides twice the power of lead acid batteries, fast charging, and a lower self-discharge rate. Not only that, it is 40% the weight of lead acid batteries, offering a lighter, compact power solution. Replace your Group 27 battery with a PSL-SC-121000 and power industrial automation or utilities infrastructure with reliable lithium. This battery has M8 terminals.

Internal Battery Management System

The Battery Management System implements a host of safety features including both over-charge and over-discharge protection. Power-Sonic ensures that the battery monitors and maintains voltage, temperature, and current changes to stabilize performance, safety, and battery life.

The BMS system allows for up to four of these batteries to be connected in parallel or in series, to deliver reliable energy for applications that require an exorbitant amount of battery capacity and voltage. This allows for massive power flow to oil and gas and renewable energy sources.

Note: It is recommended that the Power-Sonic PSL-SC-121000-G27 Battery be charged via the Power-Sonic PSC-1220000-Life EU or US Chargers.

  • Notable Features
  • » Matches the size of equivalent Group 27 lead acid batteries, can be used as a drop-in replacement
  • » LiFePO4 chemistry provides 10 times the cycle life of SLA batteries
  • » PSL-SC Series is specially designed to have an optimal rate of deep-cycling
  • » 100,000mAh capacity and 12.8 Volts provides reliable power for industrial automation.
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