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Princeton Tec Alloy-X Rechargeable LED Penlight - 400 Lumens - 1 x Samsung LH351D LED - Includes 1 x 10900

  • 3 straightforward brightness modes with runtimes reaching 28 hours
  • Single tail switch with precise, versatile full- and half-click controls
  • Black, hard-anodized aluminum alloy construction safe in rainstorms

Princeton Tec Alloy-X Penlight

Industrial-Grade Dual Fuel Compact Flashlight

The Princeton Tec Alloy-X is so-named because its body is forged from a lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy with an anti-abrasive hard-anodized finish. The intuitive single tailswitch accesses 3 brightness levels between 5 and 400 lumens in a heartbeat or less and is easy to use in darkness. This control system grants full control with just your thumb in a tactical overhand flashlight hold.

Charge the included 10900 battery directly via its Micro-USB port or deploy a pair of AAAs as a backup power supply. Batteries are easy to install via a twist light head for a fast battery exchange.

Versatile Applications

The Alloy-X is an ideal lighting solution on-the-job, especially for first responders, who often need a slim, versatile light with pinpoint accuracy to complete daily tasks. This strong light projects a spot beam via a high-CRI Samsung LED that will display colors accurately where shone. This color-rendering capability can save lives when wielded by a paramedic assessing a patient, a police officer scanning a crime scene, or an electrical expert attempting to read color-coded wires.

High Medium Low
Brightness 400lumens 250lumens 5lumens
Runtime 0.5hours 1.25hours 28hours
Distance 72meters 50meters 6meters
  • Notable Features
  • » High-class Samsung LED that has a brightness range between 5–400 lumens and can send bright light over 235 feet away
  • » Hexagonal flashlight tube provides a non-slip grip and precise aiming control
  • » Carry the light on a pocket or backpack with the detachable pocket clip
  • » Anti-slip/anti-roll knurling on near both ends of the flashlight grants a firm hold and all-around peace of mind
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