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RovyVon Aurora A23 Compact EDC Flashlight - CREE or Nichia LED - 1,000 Lumens - Includes 600mAh Li-Poly Battery Pack

Brand: RovyVon
Brand: RovyVon
  • Choose from two different LEDs: CREE XP-L or Nichia 219C for the ultimate customization
  • 5+ Brightness outputs including moonlight and turbo for everyday applications
  • Operate single-handedly with metal e-switch for easy activation
  • Use built-in micro-USB port and fully recharge in 1 hour!

Aurora A23

Choose Your LED

The RovyVon A23 is the keychain light you never knew you were missing. Pick between two popular LEDs: a CREE XP-L or a Nichia 219C. Both LEDs have their advantages, for example, the CREE version produces higher lumen outputs for a total of 1,000 lumens on turbo mode alone. However, the Nichia 219C has a 90+ CRI rating for accurate color rendering within the beam. With the ability to customize your light, it's easy to get the features you want in a convenient and smaller-than-average EDC light.

Larger Size = Easier to Use

Traditional keychain lights are smaller than 2" long, so it can be difficult to press buttons in an efficient and quick manner or even hold the light properly, especially if you're wearing gloves. The A23 solves this problem with a slightly larger body, at just under 3" long, and features a pronounced metal side switch for easy activation of the A23 and all of its user modes.

Built-in Charging

Recharge anywhere you go with the built-in micro-USB port on the A23. This convenient port means you can charge whether you're at home, at the office, or in your car!

Turbo High Mid Low Moonlight
Brightness 1,000↓ 250lumens 700↓ 250lumens 170lumens 40lumens 1lumen
Runtime 1.5+ 70minutes 1.5+ 110minutes 2.16hours 9.5hours 72hours
Turbo High Mid Low Moonlight
Brightness 700↓ 250lumens 450↓ 250lumens 120lumens 30lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 1.5+ 80minutes 1.5+ 130minutes 2.83hours 9.5hours 72hours
Note: The A23, regardless of LED, will step down after 2 minutes in turbo or high mode to 250 lumens. This is to protect the battery from overheating.
  • Notable Features
  • » Choose between two LEDs: CREE XP-L or Nichia 219C
  • » 5 brightness modes, including moonlight and turbo
  • » Easily one-hand operated - metal side switch (e-switch)
  • » 1 hour quick charge with micro USB charging port
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