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SeaSucker EL5880 Heavy-Duty Flashlight Mount

Item #: SEASUCKER-EL5880
Brand: SeaSucker
Item #: SEASUCKER-EL5880
Brand: SeaSucker
  • 7-inch flexible arm bends to cast light directly where needed
  • Adheres to any non-porous surface via a 4.5-inch vacuum mount
  • Emits white or red light from a main LED or sidelight
  • Mounts and dismounts in seconds!
  • Up to 1500 lumens of brightness and access to multiple modes

SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Flashlight Mount

Flashlight + Vacuum Mount

When you need light on your camper kitchen or on your boat, you can rely on the SeaSucker Heavy-Duty Flashlight Mount to illuminate the scene on-demand. Equipped with both a main LED and a sidelight, plus mounted on a 7" flexible arm attached to an industrial-strength vacuum mount, this flashlight can bend to where it is needed most and can supply versatile light wherever it reaches. This is a fully-functional flashlight with multiple brightness levels for each light source as well as red light on the sidelight great for emergency signaling and nighttime illumination. Be prepared and able with the SeaSucker vacuum-mounted flashlight!

  • Notable Features
  • » Maintains a watertight seal with the flashlight for weather-resistant illumination capability
  • » Great lighting solution for mobile kitchens, bathrooms, and other applications
  • » Reliable, fully-assembled SeaSucker flashlight and vacuum mount with flexible arm for multi-directional illumination
  • » Multi-mode white and red light plus strobe output for signaling and self-defense
  • » Flashlight has power bank capability to charge small devices on the fly
  • » Vacuum mount has 120-pound pull-strength rating to ensure it stays in place
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