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SeaSucker MB5281 Heavy Duty Handle - Black or White

Brand: SeaSucker
Brand: SeaSucker
  • Heavy-duty handle that can be placed wherever you need it
  • Great for surfaces you don't want to damage
  • Pull-strength rating of 210lbs
  • Easy installation and removal

SeaSucker Heavy Duty Handle

A Grip That Can Handle Anything

Equip yourself with one of the most versatile tools, SeaSucker's Heavy Duty Handle! This handle is ready to perform with a pull strength rating of up to 210lbs. SeaSucker's vacuum mounts are equipped with an orange warning band that will pop out if the pad starts to lose its vacuum seal, so you can keep track of its integrity. Gone are the days of planning where and how to make a permanent mount - the Heavy Duty Handle attaches with simplicity to smooth surfaces without damaging them, making this an easy tool to use again and again anywhere you'd like!

Endlessly Useful

You'll never stop finding uses for the Heavy Duty Handle. From your shower to your boat to your car, this product adds a safety feature that doesn't damage surfaces. It's also the perfect tool for carrying large, cumbersome objects like glass panels. Say goodbye to drilling holes in your expensive equipment and hello to a quick, mobile, resuable solution!

  • Notable Features
  • » Easy, reusable handle that mounts to surfaces without damaging them
  • » Vacuum mounts are most compatible with smooth, flat surfaces including glass, fiberglass, and metal
  • » Vacuum plunger will deploy and reveal an orange warning band, indicating that the pad is starting to lose seal and needs to be repumped
  • » Great for boats, showers, cars, and more
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