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Acebeam M2-X with RGB LED Flashlight - 3200 Lumens or 2000 Lumens - High Output or High CRI Floodlight - Includes 1 x 18650 with USB-C Charging Port

Brand: Acebeam
Brand: Acebeam
  • Signature dual-beam design offers spot and flood LEDs for lighting over different distances
  • 0.5 to 3200 lumens of brightness available to illuminate hiking trails and campsites
  • Access RGB auxiliary light in a flash for signaling capability or to preserve natural night vision
  • Included 18650 battery features integrated USB-C port and charge indicator
  • High-output cool white or High-CRI neutral white floodlight options available

Acebeam Terminator M2-X

Multi-Source EDC Flashlight

The Acebeam Terminator M2-X is a compact flashlight with a distinctive dual-beam design. Have the freedom to cast a broad, bright floodlight or a far-reaching, precise spotlight on-demand. With the Terminator M2-X, you'll also have access to multi-mode RGB lighting with low outputs and long runtimes, reaching 1194 hours on Green-Signal mode! High runtimes are crucial for signaling or preserving your adjusted vision at night. Thanks to its 3.75in length, 6.95oz profile, and stainless steel pocket clip, this flashlight can be carried day in and day out without a second thought! By mounting the light on a pocket corner, bag, or piece of clothing, you'll be sure to have illumination on-hand to match any situation!

High-Output Cool White or High-CRI Neutral White Models Available

The Terminator M2-X comes in two editions that allow you to tailor the light's output to your purposes. One version features a cool white color temperature for the floodlight LEDs and has a higher output, up to 3200 lumens of brightness. You might select the high-output cool white model for cases where full situational awareness is a must, such as on hazardous work sites or obstacle-ridden hiking paths. The neutral white option casts up to 2000 lumens for bright light with a high CRI rating that clearly differentiates between colors. This is indispensable if you are going to work with color-coded wiring or nighttime photography. Both floodlight versions are paired with a 900-lumen spotlight that casts a beam 1,640 feet long.

Included 18650 Battery with Integrated USB-C Charge Port

The Terminator M2-X is equipped with a 3100mAh lithium-ion 18650 with a USB-C port directly on the side of the battery. This allows users to plug the battery in for a rapid recharge between uses. A charge indicator next to the button top terminal informs the user when charging is complete. While the battery is in use, indicator LEDs on the body of the light will keep you apprised of real-time output and battery level information so you know when to recharge. Recharge quick and get back outdoors in no time with confidence this light has your back for hours on end at the campsite.

Dual-Switch Layout and Environmental Protections

This light has dual tail and side switches, giving you a fast-access UI for control over the light's activation as well as its many outputs. Thanks to the design of the tail switch, the Terminator M2-X supports tail stand capability, so it can be used as an ambient area light for the home during power outages. The IP68 rating means this light is impervious to dust and resists water contamination up to 2 meters underwater. The M2-X is also protected from impacts up to 1.5 meters in height, meaning it can survive falls, drops, and rough use.

Turbo High Med2 Med1 Low Moonlight
Brightness 3200⥊ 1200 ⥊ 50lumens 1200⥊ 50lumens 500⥊ 50lumens 200⥊ 50lumens 50lumens 1lumen
Runtime 1.83 + 70 + 25minutes 75 + 25minutes 3 + 0.41hours 7 + 0.41hours 18.5hours 38hours
Distance 178meters 119meters 79meters 54meters - -
Intensity 7921candela 3540candela 1560candela 729candela - -
Turbo High Med2 Med1 Low Moonlight
Brightness 2000⥊ 800 ⥊ 35lumens 800⥊ 35lumens 350⥊ 35lumens 150⥊ 35lumens 35lumens 1lumens
Runtime 1.83 + 70 + 25minutes 75 + 25minutes 3 + 0.41hours 7 + 0.41hours 18.5hours 38hours
Distance 164meters 102meters 69meters 48meters - -
Intensity 6724candela 2601candela 1190candela 576candela - -
Spotlight High Spotlight and Floodlight High Spotlight and Floodlight Strobe
Brightness 900⥊ 400lumens 2700⥊ 1000lumens 1900lumens
Runtime 0.83 + 110minutes 0.83 + 75minutes 1.5hours
Distance 500meters 440meters 350meters
Intensity 62500candela 48400candela 30625candela
Spotlight High Spotlight and Floodlight High Spotlight and Floodlight Strobe
Brightness 900⥊ 400lumens 2200⥊ 750lumens 1200lumens
Runtime 0.83 + 110minutes 0.83 + 75minutes 1.5hours
Distance 500meters 460meters 350meters
Intensity 62500candela 52900candela 30625candela
Seven-Color Red Green Blue Green-Signal Red-SOS
Brightness 0.5lumens 0.5lumens 0.5lumens 0.5lumens 0.5lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 300hours 383hours 437hours 491hours 1194hours 1042hours
Note: The above-mentioned parameters (tested with 1 x ACEBEAM 18650 battery) are approximate and may vary from flashlights, batteries, and environments. Using a quality 18650 battery with circuit protection (at least over 10 Amps of current) is recommended.
  • Notable Features
  • » 1640ft max throw for precise, long-range lighting
  • » Less than 4" in length and under 7oz in weight make this pocket-sized light perfect for every day carry
  • » IP68 protection safe for use in harsh conditions and various environments
  • » Runtimes reach almost 1200 hours (on Green-Signal output) to outlast any emergency
  • » Indicator lights offer real-time output and battery level information
  • » Tail and side switches give users fast access to light activation and all output modes
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