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Acebeam W35 USB-C Rechargeable Zoom LEP Flashlight - 800 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700

Item #: ACEBEAM-W35
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-W35
Brand: Acebeam
  • First-of-its-kind electronic zoom-able LEP flashlight
  • Side switch enables one-handed control over beam size
  • Spot beam reaches beyond 8,000ft- perfect for hunting & more
  • USB-C rechargeable 21700 battery delivers long-lasting power for over 8 hours
  • Strobe mode easily accessible for emergencies

Acebeam W35

The First of Its Kind

Acebeam's W35 is the first zoom-able LEP flashlight of its kind. An LC DEL (Liquid Crystal Diffractive Electro-Optic Lens) allows the W35 to utilize electronic focus of the beam. This means that with the touch of a button, you can contract the LEP's beam into a tight spotlight, or widen it to a flood beam. LEP flashlights are great tools for outdoor workers, hunters, and individuals in law enforcement, especially those who need to illuminate vast distances (you can read more about LEP flashlights here). The W35's one-hand operable zoom opens up a new world of opportunity for LEP lights. This feature proves especially useful for anyone who plans to use the light in tandem with other tools.

Illuminate Massive Distance

High-quality design enables the W35 to have a far-reaching throw of up to 8,530ft - that's over a mile and a half of distance. This spotlight beam is great for positive object identification over large distances. But outside of that, you can utilize 8 different brightness levels to illuminate any situation you find yourself in. The W35 ranges from 800 to 60 lumens across its maximum spot and maximum flood beams, giving you options to illuminate a large area or close up tasks as well. Strobe mode is easily accessible via the mode switch for rapid response in emergencies.

Rechargeable Power

The W35 is powered by a 21700 Li-ion battery, giving you rechargeable power. This high-powered battery includes protections against reverse polarity. And no need to worry about constant replacement batteries - the integrated USB-C port delivers a convenient, fast charge so you can save money on replacements and get back out in the field.

Turbo High Med Low Strobe
Brightness 800 ⥊ 470lumens 470lumens 230lumens 80lumens 470lumens
Runtime 6 + 100minutes 2hours 4hours 8.33hours 3hours
Distance 2,600meters 2,050meters 1,450meters 850meters 2,050meters
Intensity 1,690,000candela 1,050,625candela 525,625candela 180,625candela 1,050,625candela
Turbo High Med Low Strobe
Brightness 570 ⥊ 350lumens 350lumens 180lumens 60lumens 350lumens
Runtime 6 + 90minutes 1.83hours 3.66hours 6.66hours 2.83hours
Distance 131meters 101meters 73meters 45meters 101meters
Intensity 4,290candela 2,550candela 1,332candela 506candela 2,550candela
  • Notable Features
  • » Rechargeable LEP flashlight
  • » Side switch controls beam focus, so user can zoom from flood to spot with one hand
  • » USB-C charge port integrated into body of flashlight for quick, convenient charging
  • » IP68 weatherproofing and 1.5m drop resistance equips the W35 for rugged, outdoor use
  • » Powered by one 21700 Li-ion battery with reverse polarity protections
  • » Stainless steel strike bezel gives user ability to swiftly break glass
  • » Circuitry contact points are gold-plated to encourage swift conductivity during use
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