Combo: Titanium Innovations 16-Bay Smart Battery Charger + 16 x AAA NiMH Batteries - Choice of Battery Brand

Item #: COMBO-MD1600-16AAA-OPT
Item #: COMBO-MD1600-16AAA-OPT

Special All-in-One Bundle!

To simplify your shopping experience, we've taken the renowned Titanium Innovations MD-1600L 16-bay charger and have paired it with 16 AAA NiMH batteries to create an all-in-one package that is perfect for both novice and expert users. Not only are the batteries and charger ready for use, but they will also help save you money by buying them together. Within the charger combo package, you have a choice of either the Panasonic Eneloop or the Tenergy AAA batteries. If purchased separately, the 16-bay charger with 16 Eneloop batteries, will retail for much more; buy this 16-bay battery charger combo kit and save about $9 on Eneloop batteries or $11 on Tenergy. You could buy even more batteries with that savings!

16-Bay Battery Charger Combo

Switching to rechargeable batteries will not only positively affect your bank account, but it will also minimize your negative impact on the environment. Rechargeable batteries equal less waste - in terms of garbage and of money spent of single-use cells. Now, making the switch is easier than ever before, as we've created an all-in-one combo product, taking the guesswork out of buying the right charger.

Maintain 16 Batteries All at Once

The Titanium Innovations MD-1600L battery charger offers 16 independent channels in which you can charge either AA or AAA NiMH batteries. The smart battery charger is capable of providing individual treatment for each battery, automatically switching to a trickle charge when batteries are full in order to prevent overheating. This process with also maximize the lifespan of the cells. This impressive charger also detects when incompatible batteries, such as a non-rechargeable alkaline, are loaded, therefore keeping you safe and preventing damage and injury. Four LCD screens are provided to let you know the status of each battery's charge level and whether or not it can be charged. In addition to charging NiMH AA and AAA batteries, the Titanium Innovation MD-1600L also offers a battery conditioning functionality, which discharges and charges the cells to restore them to optimal condition. This process with also eliminate any memory effect.

Choice of AAA Batteries

Included with your 16-bay battery charger combo is a choice of AAA rechargeable batteries. For long-lasting power, we recommend using the Panasonic Eneloop cells, which offer a low self discharge rate. These 800mAh AAA batteries are perfect for powering low-drain devices, such as a remote control or a computer mouse. For high-drain devices, we recommend choosing the Tenergy NiMH batteries, which offer a higher capacity. Both battery brands are reliable, reputable and produce product that is sure to keep your electronic devices powered.

Charging Times:
Capacity Type NiMH 1-16 Cells
850 mAh AAA Approximately 4.7 Hours
1000 mAh AAA Approximately 5.6 Hours
2000 mAh AA Approximately 5 Hours
2500 mAh AA Approximately 6.3 Hours
2700 mAh AA Approximately 6.8 Hours
Discharging Times:
Capacity Current (mA) Type Ni-Mh 1-8 Cells
850 mAh 200 AAA Approximately 4.25 Hours
1000 mAh 200 AAA Approximately 5 Hours
2000 mAh 200 AA Approximately 10 Hours
2500 mAh 200 AA Approximately 12.5 Hours
2700 mAh 200 AA Approximately 13.5 Hours
Combo Includes:
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