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Combo: Titanium Innovations 16-Bay Smart Battery Charger + 8 x AA and 8 x AAA NiMH Batteries - Choice of Battery Brand

Item #: COMBO-MD1600-8AAA-AA-OPT
Item #: COMBO-MD1600-8AAA-AA-OPT

Special Charger + Batteries Combo!

This all-in-one combo kit provides you with two sizes of batteries to help you get started with the transition over to rechargeable cells. Included within the kit is the reputable MD-1600L 16-bay battery charger from Titanium Innovations. We've paired the charger with (8) AA and (8) AAA NiMH batteries - all of which can be charged together, at the same time, within the device. What sets this battery charger combo kit apart from other offers is that we give you a choice of battery brand. Choose between the low self discharging Panasonic Eneloop batteries or the Tenergy NiMH batteries that are perfect for high-drain devices. Not only are you buying great batteries to power all of your electronics, but you are also saving money. There is more to these kits than just convenience and ease-of-use. We've also lowered the price to save you money! In fact, you'll save up to $12 on the Eneloop batteries, and $4 on the Tenergy line, when compared with buying the batteries and charger separately.

16-Bay Battery Charger with NiMH Batteries

Do you want to save money by switching your household electronics to using rechargeable batteries? If so, this 16-bay battery charger combo kit is the perfect solution for your needs. Not only will you save money by not having to buy disposable batteries, but you will also eliminate the amount of waste created by those non-rechargeable cells.

Charge All 16 Batteries at One Time

The Titanium Innovations MD-1600L is a beast of a battery charger as it provides you with 16 independent channels in which you can charge 16 batteries. No more having to queue up your batteries! Each charging bay also works individually to diagnose and charge the batteries, thus giving you the ability to mix and match you NiMH AA and AAA batteries. The MD-1600L is equipped with smart sensing technology that prevents overheating by automatically switching the charging function to a trickle charge once a battery is full. Four back-lit LCD screens are provided to notify you of your batteries' charge status by displaying individual icons for each channel. Each channel is represented by its own battery icon made up 4 'bars' that indicate different charge percentages (25/50/75/100%). This 16-bay battery charger also has protective settings that prevent the charging on short-circuiting and non-rechargeable cells to prevent damage and injury.

In addition to charging your NiMH AA and AAA batteries, the MD-1600L is also capable of powering small portable electronics. Along the side of the charger are two USB ports into which your electronics may be plugged using a separate USB cable. Please note that the battery charger must be plugged into its own power source in order for the USB ports to work and only acts as a charging hub for your electronics. The purpose of this feature is to minimize clutter by offering a more convenient powering option. Finally, the Titanium Innovations MD-1600L battery charger offers a battery conditioning feature that charges and discharges the NiMH batteries to improve their overall performance. Clearly this 16-bay battery charger with NiMH batteries all-in-one kit is the perfect solution for those looking to make the switch to rechargeable batteries!

Charging Times:
Capacity Type NiMH 1-16 Cells
850 mAh AAA Approximately 4.7 Hours
1000 mAh AAA Approximately 5.6 Hours
2000 mAh AA Approximately 5 Hours
2500 mAh AA Approximately 6.3 Hours
2700 mAh AA Approximately 6.8 Hours
Discharging Times:
Capacity Current (mA) Type Ni-Mh 1-8 Cells
850 mAh 200 AAA Approximately 4.25 Hours
1000 mAh 200 AAA Approximately 5 Hours
2000 mAh 200 AA Approximately 10 Hours
2500 mAh 200 AA Approximately 12.5 Hours
2700 mAh 200 AA Approximately 13.5 Hours
Combo Includes:
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