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RovyVon S2 Premium Spot and Flood LED Searchlight - 10000 Lumens - CREE XHP 70.2 - Includes 2 x USB-C Rechargeable 10000mAh 21700

Brand: RovyVon
Brand: RovyVon
  • Multi-LED search light with 10000 lumens designed for outdoor, search and rescue, and more
  • Side white and red LED arrays for lantern mode
  • Easy-to-use interface switches between spot, flood, and red modes
  • Digital display feeds information about remaining battery and charging status
  • Built-in USB-C charge port recharges included 21700 batteries or acts as a powerbank

RovyVon S2 Premium

10,000 Lumen Searchlight with Sidelights

The RovyVon S2 Premium picks up where the Elite left off. Boasting 10,000 lumens, a high capacity power source, and independently controlled LEDs, the Premium is unique because it also adds sidelights that go up the handle. One side has a warm 4700K white light while the other has a red light. These sidelights are ideal for floodlighting and hands-free light with the magnetic tailcap. Another difference in the S2 Premium is its amber CREE XP-E2 LEDs.

Easily access all of these modes and outputs by using the dual-body switch. The top button cycles to your desired mode while the second is for output selection. This style of interface makes single-handed operation a dream especially while on a search and rescue or tactical op.

Integrated Digital Display

With an integrated display, the S2 Premium has easy-to-read updates on remaining battery life and charge status. The screen turns on whenever one of the switches is pressed and turns off after 3 seconds. This function means you can gather real-time information about your light and then focus on the task at hand.

Powered by Two 21700s

The S2 Premium offers double battery the capacity since it's powered by two 21700s. Unlike the batteries in the S2 Elite, the Premium version's batteries have a built-in USB-C charging port on top. That means you can swap the included batteries with new ones and have your light ready to go and charge the included batteries simultaneously. Or, if you have time to spare, you can use the built-in USB-C charging port on the light to recharge.

In a pinch, you can use the USB-C port and turn the light into a powerbank. Recharge your phone or other mobile devices and continue using your flashlight at the same time.

Turbo S Turbo High Mid Low
Brightness 10,000 ↓ 2,000lumens 5,000 ↓ 2,000lumens 2,000lumens 1,200lumens 200lumens
Runtime 3 + 120minutes 3 + 120minutes 3hours 4.5hours 24hours
White High White Med White Low Red High Red Low
Brightness 1,000lumens 300lumens 100lumens 300lumens 50lumens
Runtime 6hours 12hours 28hours 5hours 36hours
Note: When the light is working in Turbo S or Turbo mode the light will stepdown to 2,000 lumens after 3 minutes.
  • Notable Features
  • » Max output of 10,000 lumens for search and rescue with a compounded throw of 500 meters
  • » Built-in digital display shows remaining battery life and charging status that's easy to read
  • » Dual-button user interface that's operational single-handedly
  • » Built-in USB-C charging port for charging batteries within light or converting into a powerbank
  • » Strong, flat magnetic tail cap for hands-free use
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