Wagan JumpBoost V6 Air - Jump Starter with 150 PSI Air Compressor and 10 LED Work Light

Item #: WAGAN-7550
Brand: Wagan
Item #: WAGAN-7550
Brand: Wagan
  • Ideal for 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles or motorcycles
  • Conveniently integrated air compressor gives user more tools in one compact device
  • LED work light provides signaling and illumination power in unexpected breakdowns
  • 12V DC socket and 2 USB power ports allow for charging of small devices on the go

Wagan JumpBoost V6 Air

Every Day Jump Starter

Keep the Wagan JumpBoost V6 Air handy in your vehicles for complete emergency preparedness! Your device has an air compressor, LED work light, powerbank, AND jump starting capability. Designed with a rear storage compartment to hold all cables, tire inflator accessories, and power adapters, this jump starter is truly made for everyday convenience. The compressor hose ergonomically wraps up in the base of the jump starter for ease of use. Wagan seeks to provide you with extensively helpful, affordable, lightweight, tools that you can take with you anywhere!

Powerful Powerbank

Don't get stuck with any dead batteries - the JumpBoost V6 Air has an internal powerbank accessible by 2 USB power ports and a 12V DC accessory socket that can deliver a fast charge to your personal devices. Use while camping or tail gaiting to power small devices, or if you get caught in an emergency with a dying phone.

Inflate and Illuminate

Enjoy additional features like the air compressor and 10 LED work light for ultimate emergency preparedness. The JumpBoost V6 Air gives you the tools to face flats or nighttime breakdowns. If you find yourself caught with low tire pressure, easily access the 150 PSI compressor using the 20-inch hose. The LED work light comes in handy to inspect under the hood at any time of night, or to illuminate your campsite, signal for help, and more!

  • Notable Features
  • » Compact size makes it easy to story and carry in your everyday vehicle
  • » Air compressor hose conveniently stores in the base of jump starter
  • » 10 LED work light provides illumination in hard-to-reach spaces or at night
  • » 12V DC accessory socket plus 2 x USB-A power ports gives you versatile access to powerbank feature
  • » Built-in rear storage compartment adds convenient, on-hand organization for all accessories
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