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Fenix E-STAR USB-C Rechargeable Emergency Flashlight - 100 Lumens - Includes 1 x NiMH AA

Brand: Fenix
Brand: Fenix
  • Never be without power thanks to a lever that manually generates energy for extended use
  • An essential emergency light that can be relied on in remote destinations in the wild or on the water
  • Able to throw a 100-lumen beam 130+ feet or reach runtimes of 120 hours
  • AA NiMH battery is in-body rechargeable using a USB-C charge port on the flashlight

Fenix E-Star Emergency Flashlight

Illumination On-Demand With or Without a Battery

True emergencies require light in spite of whether you can charge your flashlight or the battery is drained— and then there are those times when you don't have a spare battery at all. The Fenix E-Star Emergency Flashlight leads the way through any circumstance, featuring a finger-gripped charging lever that supplies the light with manual power when needed. A super capacitor is built in to provide temporary power storage in the absence of a AA battery.

100 Lumens — 120-Hour Runtime — 130 Feet of Throw

3 brightness levels range from a 20-lumen light all the way down to the single-lumen Low mode, while the Turbo mode provides a burst of intense light 100 lumens strong that casts 131 feet away. Mix output settings to achieve the max runtime of 120 hours or to bring bright light to the task of your choice.

High Med Low Turbo
Brightness 20lumens 3lumens 1lumens 100lumens
Runtime 10hours 60hours 120hours -
Distance 18meters 7meters 4meters 40meters
Intensity 81candela 13candela 4candela 400candela
  • Notable Features
  • » Triple fuel design can be powered in every situation whether using the USB-C rechargeable NiMH battery, a common AA battery, or deploying the old-school press-handle generator.
  • » Spot beam with 78° area-illuminating spill light and a polycarbonate lens with optical design to minimize the loss of light from the LED beam.
  • » ABS plastic body is the same material hard hats are made of, making it the ideal choice to build the E-Star's streamlined yet rugged flashlight body.
  • » A built-in capacitor kicks in to distribute electricity when the battery stops supplying power or there is no battery installed, allowing the E-Star itself to store and distribute charge rather than its battery.
  • » Futuristic flashlight form factor featuring a multifaceted block frame for an ergonomic, easy grip and to deflect the force of incoming impacts away from the light housing.
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