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JETBeam Mini One SC USB-C Rechargeable LED Keylight - 400 Lumens - Uses Built-in Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: JETBeam
Brand: JETBeam
  • Up to 400 lumen output with 85 meters of throw
  • Multiple modes including RGB and UV ouputs
  • Glow in the dark housing is easy to locate
  • Compact and lightweight design easy to carry on your keychain, etc.

JETBeam Mini One SC

All-in-one Keychain Light

The JETBeam Mini One SC packs many different outputs, features, and more into a tiny 2-inch tall keychain light. Boasting an impressive 400 lumen ouput which throws up to 85 meters away meets the ideal range for walking at night, searching for lost objects, or when you need a light source fast.

Color LEDs + GITD Body

Alongside the main output is an RGB and single UV LED on the side panel. The red, green, and blue toggled outputs are great for map reading or as a safety indicator. The UV light can be used for counterfeit identification and more! Even if the SC is out of power its glow-in-the-dark body can still give you some peripheral light and/or be more easily located in the dark thanks to a bioluminescent and transparent body material.

Built-in USB-C Charging

A built-in lithium-ion 120mAh battery pack supplies the Mini One SC with power, needing only 40 minutes to charge to full capacity. When it's time to refuel an indicator light will glow red while charging via USB-C and turn green when fully charged so you know when it's done.

Turbo High Med Low Eco Colored Light
Brightness 400lumens 170lumens 100lumens 40lumens 4lumens 150lumens 150lumens
Runtime 10minutes 20minutes 25minutes 1.3hours 17hours - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Five brightness modes ranging from 400 to 4 lumen plus an RGB and UV LED
  • » Built-in USB-C charging with only 40 minute charge time
  • » Ergonomic design made for everyday carry, able to clip on keychains and more
  • » Glow-in-the-dark body makes it easy to locate and provides ambient light
  • » IPX6 water and dustproofing protects against rain and other weather
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