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NOCO GB500 Boost Max 12V/24V 6250A Jump Starter

Item #: NOCO-GB500
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-GB500
Brand: NOCO
  • Compatible with all 12V and 24V vehicle batteries and gas or diesel engines up to 45L
  • Gives a roaring start to all gasoline and diesel engines with 6, 8, 12, or 16 cylinders
  • Illustrative LED interface keeps you informed of unit diagnostics and charge status
  • Casts a 2200-lumen flood beam for safe jump starts in the dark and navigate power outages
  • World-class lightweight 19 lb lithium jumper pack with durable shoulder-strap carrying case

NOCO GB500+ Boost Max

Multifunctional Automotive Utility Hub

The NOCO GB500+ Boost Max harnesses incredible lithium energy for a wide range of use. The GB500 is a one-stop powerhouse integrating all the tools you need to jump start diverse vehicle batteries and charge electronic devices.

With 6,250 amps packed into the internal battery, the GB500 has plenty of power capable of jolting gasoline and diesel engines up to 45L and 16 cylinders in size back to life. To extend battery life, the unit revs up to its peak charge and presents a 60-second window to discharge the jump start. A digital LED display will act as the countdown timer and double as a voltmeter enabling you to conduct advanced diagnostics on connected batteries.

Adaptive Ultra-Bright Flashlight & Power Bank

The GB500 incorporates a 2,220-lumen flashlight with multiple brightness levels and 3 additional modes including strobe, blink, and SOS so you can illuminate battery connectors or flag down passersby for help if stranded on the roadside. However, you won't need help getting power to your phone in emergencies as long as the GB500 is around. The unit features an adaptive 12V output port to serve as a power bank for most electronics while a standard USB-A port turns it into an ultra-capable phone and device charger.

Ultra-Portable Power

Most notably, jump starters with comparable strength typically weigh hundreds of pounds and are difficult to reposition. The GB500, on the other hand, weighs about the same as your average watermelon at a streamlined 19.4 lbs. The GB500 has a durable elastometric polymer shoulder-strap bag including protective zippered covers for the user interface and plug access area so the flashlight can also be used.

  • Notable Features
  • » Serves as an incredibly versatile power bank, featuring dual 2.1A USB-A charger outlets in addition to a 12V plug
  • » Integrated digital battery voltmeter enables enhanced diagnostics and doubles as a 60s countdown timer that prolongs battery life with a limited window of peak charge
  • » Rapid recharge in 6–8 hours with included 12V adapter for vehicle cigarette ports or XGC4 power adapter
  • » One unit compatible with all sorts of vehicles and equipment, from Class 8 semi-trucks to mining and agricultural equipment
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