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RovyVon A7 Gen 4 USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Luminus SST-20 or Nichia 219C LED - 650 Lumens or 420 Lumens - White and UV Side Lights - Uses 330mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: RovyVon
Brand: RovyVon
  • Cool white or high CRI color temperature selection for brighter output or more accurate color
  • USB-C rechargeable in just one hour to power up quick & head outdoors!
  • Magnetic pocket clip available for hands-free lighting in the garage
  • White and UV side lights for ambient lighting on campsites or in the backyard

RovyVon A7 Gen 4 LED Flashlight

Cool White or High CRI

If you're looking for a keychain flashlight to throw on your key ring, the RovyVon A7 Gen 4 is a great choice that brings a lot to the table. First, you have the choice of a Luminus SST-20 6500K cool white or a Nichia 219C 5000K 90-CRI light, both boasting unique advantages! If you're looking for a brighter beam, the cool white version provides a bright output of 650 lumens! The high CRI version outputs natural-looking light with accurate color rendering that is an ideal match for someone who works in electrical fields or photography. Either way, have reliable brightness for your keychain light that adds a bright flair to everyday activities. You also have momentary-on and strobe operation at the ready for emergencies!

White and UV Side Light

This EDC keychain flashlight has white and UV side lights, offering lighting that is perfect for reading, as a night light while camping, and more. Use the 365nm blue fluorescent shell to stay aware of your light's location in dark areas.

USB-C Rechargeable Battery Pack - Magnetic Pocket Clip

The A7 G4 has an internal battery pack with a capacity of 330mAh to support longer runtimes on-the-go. The light is USB-C rechargeable and can be fully powered in just one hour, so you can get back to doing work around the house or to your evening stroll around the neighborhood. This keychain light has a reversible and magnetic pocket clip to make that walk even better! Clip the light to your shirt pocket, bag, hat brim, and more, offering plenty of options for simple carry. The magnetic design ensures it sticks to metal surfaces, which is great for checking under the hood of your car.

High Medium Low Moonlight
Brightness 650 ↓ 80lumens 200 ↓ 80lumens 25lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 0.016 + 1.5hours 0.016 + 2hours 8hours 72hours
Distance 110meters 63meters 22meters -
Intensity 2,500candela 700candela 160candela -
High Medium Low Moonlight
Brightness 420 ↓ 80lumens 150 ↓ 80lumens 20lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 0.016 + 1.5hours 0.016 + 2hours 8hours 72hours
Distance 70meters 18meters 10meters -
Intensity 1,200candela 300candela 80candela -
White High White Low Strobe UV
Brightness 50lumens 10lumens - 365nm
Note: *High and medium modes are measured in total runtime - this includes step-down outputs. Both modes will step down to 80 lumens within 1 minute.
  • Notable Features
  • » Lockout mode prevents accidental activation while active
  • » Momentary and constant-on output offers ease of use and rapid, intuitive control
  • » Side switch operation controls lockout, activation, mode switching
  • » 2.38in. length and 0.6in. diameter makes this compact for everyday carry on key ring
  • » Magnetic base and pocket clip provide hands-free light operation
  • » IPX6 waterproof rating safeguards against everything from splashes to storms
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