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STKR Under-Hood Flex-It USB-C Rechargeable LED Mechanics Flashlight - 1000 Lumens - Uses 3.7V 4400mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: STKR-00192
Brand: Striker
Item #: STKR-00192
Brand: Striker
  • Flexible, 160° rotating design for roadside use, mechanics
  • Elastic design, hooks, magnets allow for secure & easy attachment to car hoods
  • 1000-Lumen high mode offers bright light under the hood, around the shop
  • USB-C rechargeable for simple and quick charge of li-ion battery pack

STKR Under-Hood Flex-It

Prime Light for Mechanics!

If you're looking for a light that has your back in roadside emergencies, look no further than the STKR Under-Hood Flex-It! This light has a 160° rotating and flexible design, complete with an elastic strap and light bars, making it the perfect under-the-hood solution for mechanics. The light bar emits a maximum of 1,000 lumens, a powerful output that lights up every nook and cranny in the shop or garage. Using two side switches you can activate and control modes, so operation is a breeze every time. Use the magnetic design or convenient hooks to securely attach to your vehicle and sort out any roadside issues in no time.

USB-C Rechargeable Champion

This light is fully rechargeable via a USB-C connection, ensuring rapid power flow with ease. It features a battery pack so recharging is always convenient, supported by a 4,400mAh capacity that results in reliable runtimes every single time. Thanks to the lithium-ion design and high capacity, the battery pack supports the light with up to 24 hours of light on the lowest mode! Never worry about the light shutting off in those crucial roadside moments, in the garage after work, or on the job!

High Medium Low Red Hazard Strobe
Brightness 1000lumens 400lumens 80lumens -
Runtime 3hours - 24hours -
  • Notable Features
  • » Red flashing strobe mode available to alert others to your location
  • » IPX4 weatherproof rating to safeguard from the elements
  • » Neodymium magnets allow for secure attachment on your car when combined with elastic hood straps
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