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Fenix E18R-V2 USB-C Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight - Luminus SST40 - 1200 Lumens - Includes 1 x 16340

Item #: FENIX-E18R-V2
Brand: Fenix
Item #: FENIX-E18R-V2
Brand: Fenix
  • Max 1,200 lumens and 146-meter throw offers reliable brightness for EDC use
  • 1.98 oz weight and 2-inch length - a compact light that fits in your pocket or bag
  • Has in-body, USB-C recharging for on-the-go energy
  • Magnetic tail allows for hands-free use and ideal area light

Fenix E18R V2

Illumination Packed in a Pocket

With a 1,200 lumen max turbo and a 146 meter throw of wide-reaching light, the Fenix E18R V2 is an EDC that runs laps around its predecessor. It has a height of 2.64" and a weight of just under 2 ounces, which makes it easy to keep all of that power close in your pocket or bag. This light has 5 output modes and strobe functionality, to light up different activities or help protect in emergencies. Whether you're commuting, doing maintenance work, or going on a late-night dog walk, the Fenix E18R V2 lights your path.

Thanks to the magnetic tail, you can prop up the E18R for ideal area lighting in hands-free activities. Easily light up a backyard or campsite for hands-on work. The magnetic base especially comes in handy when checking under the hood of your car.

Stay Active With USB-C Recharging!

The E18R V2 is USB-C rechargeable, offering fast and reliable power. It can be recharged in 1.33 hours, to easily get outside for a last-minute walk. Thanks to the 1-lumen Moonlight mode, you have a total of 200 hours of runtime at your disposal, which helps in longer projects around the house.

Turbo High Med Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 1,200lumens 350lumens 150lumens 30lumens 1lumens 1,200lumens
Runtime 0.5hours 1.33hours 2.5hours 15hours 200hours -
Distance 146meters 81meters 53meters 23meters 9meters -
Intensity 5,397candela 1,661candela 714candela 137candela 4candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Strobe mode can help protect in emergencies
  • » Intelligent overheat protection helps to regulate the E18R V2, stepping down lumens to keep you and the light safe
  • » Electrical or physical lockout function helps to prevent accidental activation
  • » 1.5-meter drop resistant with IP68 rating - this light withstands the worst wear and tear!
  • » Battery indicator always lets you know when you're ready to head out
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