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Klein Tools HVAC Testing Kit (CL320KIT) Contains CL320 Multimeter, IR07 IR and Probe Thermometer, NCVT-3P No Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight, All Leads and Batteries Required

Brand: Klein
Brand: Klein
  • All-in-one HVAC Electrical Testing Kit - contains three different testers
  • HVAC Clamp Meter, Dual IR Probe / Thermometer, Dual Range AC Voltage Tester Flashlight
  • Kit comes with all leads and batteries required - ready to go out of the box
  • Designed for HVAC professionals, industrial, electrical and contractor applications

Klein Tools HVAC Electrical Testing Kit

All-in-One HVAC Professional Testing Combo

The Klein Tools CL320KIT is a dream kit for electricians and HVAC professionals! Save workers money by not having to buy multiple, separate tools and save them valuable work time by having it all in one convenient kit.

TRMS 400A HVAC Clamp Meter with Auto-Ranging

The Klein Tools CL320 HVAC Clamp Meter is a 400A Auto-Ranging, no-contact AC voltage tester equipped with True RMS technology. Confidently measure voltage and currents even when coming from an outlet with abnormal waves or "dirty power". This meter also has a magnetic back and easy to reach data hold and range hold buttons for one-handed operation. With multiple safety certifications as well as a drop resistance of 2 meters, the CL320 can endure extreme use on almost any job site.

IR07 Probe Thermometer

The Klein Tools IR07 Dual IR Probe and Thermometer can quickly measure temperatures with its Infrared or probe thermometer. The IR thermometer has a distance-to-spot ration of 8:1 and is perfect for small spaces where other meters cannot go. The probe thermometer is capable of measuring liquid, surface and air temps. This probe is equipped with a hook for hands-free use which is particularly beneficial when needed for high reaching vents and ducts.

NCVT-3P No-Contact Voltage Tester

The Klein Tools NCVT-3P Voltage Tester with Flashlight is a no-contact AC voltage tester with a flashlight that can work in conjunction or independently from the tester. Capable of detecting voltage from 12 - 1000V, this pocket sized meter is ideal for hard to reach areas and crawl spaces. Built with multiple safety certifications including waterproofing, dust-proofing, and a 2 meter drop resistance, this tester can survive daily abuse in several environments.

  • Notable Features
  • » Proudly made in the USA
  • » All-in-one HVAC electrical testing kit - includes three meters
  • » Kit contains voltage readers, meters and temperature probe
  • » Includes all required batteries, leads, caps as well as carrying case
  • » Saves time and money on job sites of all kinds with an all inclusive kit
  • » CL320 Clamp Meter - auto-ranging with true RMS technology for current and voltage readings
  • » IR07 - measures indoor air quality with probe and surface temps with no-contact thermometer
  • » NCVT-3P - flashlight and dual range no-contact AC voltage tester
  • » All tools have dual functions and one-handed operation capability for ultimate convenience
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