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NOCO GB70 Boost 12V 2000A Jump Starter

Item #: NOCO-GB70
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-GB70
Brand: NOCO
  • Boots up diverse machine types including gas units as high as 8L or diesel units up to 6L
  • Power pack and internal battery offer peak adaptability on the road
  • Flexible power input options via 2.1A Micro-USB or 12V/3A fast charge ports
  • Compact 9" x 6" form factor and 4 lb weight can be carried in a backpack
  • Kick-starts dead, undetectable batteries using Manual Override feature

NOCO GB70 Boost

12V 2000A Jump Starter

Within the compact form factor of the NOCO GB70 unit is a multi-purpose power hub. Integrated are a 56Wh power supply that enables efficient jump starting, vehicle or device battery charging, as well as containing a built-in flashlight with an automatic SOS setting and light up to 400 lumens strong. Weighing in at just 4 lbs, you can carry this little powerhouse without a second thought wherever you need quick precision charging.

Utility Flashlight & Charging Station

The GB70 is useful day-to-day and has proven to be indispensable in emergency situations. In a power outage, you can navigate around your house or neighborhood while charging the most important electronics along your way and providing a temporary 12V generator for the most critical equipment. On a pitch-black roadside, cast the utility light on the engine block to set the clamps to the correct polarity and prepare for a high efficiency start-up.

  • Notable Features
  • » Basic 2.1A USB-A port and powerful 12V/15A plug outputs can provide power to all sorts of external devices including emergency tools like flashlights and smartphones
  • » UltraSafe 2.0 upgraded reverse polarity protection and spark-proof hardware redesigned for improved safety
  • » IP65 weather-proofing against heavy dirt and water exposure will endure the most challenging environments
  • » Built-in flashlight with 3 brightness levels from 40 to 400 lumens and 3 special modes including blink, SOS, and strobe keep you prepared for any situation and environment
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